fovea ethmoidalis

fo·ve·a eth·moi·da·'lis

the roof of the ethmoid air cells.
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The medial division was attached superiorly to the middle concha, and the lateral division was attached to both the fovea ethmoidalis and the lamina papyracea.
The tissue removed included the root of the superior middle turbinate and the anterior skull base mucosa adjacent to the superior-most anterior ethmoid cell next to the fovea ethmoidalis.
One of the characteristic radiographic findings of olfactory neuroblastoma is a dumbbell-shaped mass that extends across the cribriform plate; erosion of the cribriform plate, lamina papyracea, and/or fovea ethmoidalis may also be seen.
The multiple defects involved the anterior and posterior walls of the frontal sinuses, the fovea ethmoidalis bilaterally, the cribriform plate, the far-right lateral floor of the sphenoid sinus, and both lateral sphenoid walls.
The attachment of the middle turbinate divides the cribriform plate medially and the fovea ethmoidalis laterally.