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4] Most tumours are found in the atria, with 75% originating from the fossa ovalis region of the left atrium.
During right atriotomy, it was observed that there was a fossa ovalis type 1 x 2 cm ASD and the right pulmonary veins were combined and drained into the vena cava inferior by way of a truncal vein.
In the case of our patient, a cascade of events led to the development of the groin abscess: a Richter's type hernia with part of the caecum and the appendix was created, which subsequently became strangulated; this led to perforation of the caecal wall, which allowed the enteric content to travel through the femoral ring and fossa ovalis into the subcutaneous planes, where the abscess was established.
8) It has been theorized that in patients with both ASA and PFO, motion of the fossa ovalis membrane may promote paradoxical shunting by enhancing the preferential orientation of blood flow from the inferior vena cava toward the foramen ovale.
8 mm in the 10th decade of life due to the stretching effect of aging on the valve of fossa ovalis.
A cardiologist confirmed her finding and noted a left-to-right shunt across a 1-cm defect in the fossa ovalis region of the atrial septum.
All superficial inguinal nodes and the deep femoral nodes on the anterior and medial surfaces of the femoral vein within the fossa ovalis were removed en bloc while sparing the fascia lata and the cribriform fascia over the femoral artery.
1) Myxomas most commonly occur in the left atrium (90%) and are generally attached to the atrial septum in or adjacent to the fossa ovalis.
The band was identified as an aberrant mitral valve chord attached to the A2 segment of the AMVL and inserting at the fossa ovalis of the left sided atrial septum (Figure 2).
Cardiac myxomas usually arise from fossa ovalis of the interatrial septum and protrude into the atrium.