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Abbreviation for:
familial polyposis
family practice
family practitioner
family physician
family planning (Medspeak-UK)
field potential
first pass
flexor pollicis
fluorescent protein
fluorescence polarisation
follicular phase
frozen plasma
fusion protein

false positive

; FP inaccurate investigative or diagnostic test response, giving a 'yes' response, where the correct response should be 'no'; pathological conditions are misdiagnosed as being present (see sensitivity; specificity)


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de maniere que la main se deplace entierement apres chaque note sur laquelle un chanteur eut pris sa respiration" (Helene de Montgeroult, Cours complet pour l'enseignement du forte-piano [Paris: Janet et Cotelle, 1820], vol.
Three sonatas for cembalo or forte-piano composed and dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Archduchess Maria Teresa by Filippo Gherardeschi, music director of the Chiesa Conventuale de' Cavalieri of Pisa, have been published.
Scrutiny of this source (Eva Badura-Skoda, "Prolegomena to a History of the Viennese Forte-piano," Israel Studies in Musicology 2 [1980]: 92), however, shows its author to offer no basis for the suggestion and, in fact, to have so little specialized knowledge of English instrument making that the well-known maker Burkat Shudi is called "Burkat & Shudi.
Chapter 2 is the logical place for a brief account of the keyboard instruments in use during the late eighteenth century, and Mercado suggests that it was principally the increased expressive palette of the forte-piano (and especially its greater dynamic range) that led Mozart and most of his con-temporaries to favor it over the harpsichord and clavichord.