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 [for´niks] (pl. for´nices) (L.)
an anatomical archlike structure.
fornix of conjunctiva conjunctival cul-de-sac.


Plural of fornix.


[fôr′niks] pl. fornices
Etymology: L, arch
an archlike structure or space, such as the fornix cerebri, the superior or inferior conjunctival fornices, or the vaginal fornices.


(for'niks) (for'ni-sez) plural.fornices [L. fornix, vault, arch]
1. A thick axon tract that originates in the hippocampus and synapses in the septum and the hypothalamus, esp., in the mammillary bodies. The fornix, a major component of the limbic circuit, receives its name from the broad arch that it makes along the hidden inner edge of the cerebral cortex, under the corpus callosum. See: limbic system for illus
2. Any vaultlike or arched body.

fornix conjunctivae

The loose folds connecting the palpebral and bulbar conjunctivae.

fornix uteri

Fornix vaginae.

fornix vaginae

Each of the four recesses that surround the cervix. The posterior fornix is deeper than the anterior or lateral (right and left) fornices.
Synonym: fornix uteri
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Carefully evert the upper lid with a cotton bud to ensure that no particles are adherent to the tarsal conjunctivae or fornices - especially the superior fornix.
If the inside of the lids and fornices show no abnormalities and have a normal pink colour, but the eyeball itself is red with dilated blood vessels, the injection is bulbar in origin.
A vaginal exam is then performed to ensure that the suture ligature is above the level of the vaginal fornices.
The patient is asked to look in each direction of gaze as the practitioner lifts the lids to inspect the fornices for the remaining portion of the lens.
After cleaning the cervix and fornices thoroughly with Betadine/Hibitane, using sterile technique place a F18-30 Foley's catheter with a 30-45 ml bulb the bulb with 40-50 ml of water.
The applicators available are still similar in principle to the initial applicators used by the pioneers of this technique, allowing the radioactive source to be introduced into the uterine canal and vaginal fornices (Fig.
Johnson said that he began using the technique after noticing the clear delineation of the cervix and proximal vagina during distension of the vaginal fornices at the end of saline infusion sonohysterography.
A cervical cup is placed into the vagina and up to the fornices to aid in lifting the uterus for skeletonization of the uterine vessels and placement of a Mersiline ligature between the uterine vessels and the lower segment at the isthmus.