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Under this condition, oxidation is expected to involve the formyl group.
The hydrolysis of formyl group was ascertained by the absence of NCHO proton signal at 7.
The first step in the CYP2E1 (cytochrome P450 2E1) pathway is the formation of formyl chloride, most (> 97%) of which is metabolized further to carbon monoxide (CO) (Watanabe and Guengerich 2006).
Organs collected from the animals including the gastrointestinal tract, spleen, heart, lungs, kidney and liver were fixed in 10%, formyl saline for 24 hr, dehydrated in ascending concentration of ethanol (50%, 70%, 90% then twice in 100%) for interval of 1 hr to enable the tissue to be embedded in paraffin [27].
The ALMA telescopes tracked the radiation emitted from the two gases, hydrogen cyanide and formyl cation, as they swirled around the galaxy.
The paper, entitled "Identification of Surrogate Agonists for the Human FPRL-1 Receptor by Autocrine Selection in Yeast" reports the identification of surrogate ligands for the formyl peptide receptor like (FPRL-1) receptor, a human G protein-coupled receptor of unknown function.