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A poem such as "Switch Hitter," for example, begins rather formulaically with the lines, "I miss pitching so much/don't miss it at all, sick of it" and continues with a series of unrhymed couplets in which each line opposes the meaning of the line with which it is paired.
For many workers, the majority of benefit costs are formulaically related to wage levels.
In this last ritual together, the nuns become "a trinity of prelates" (312), asking the questions used during a robing; Ignatius formulaically responds.
The book is smaller and laid out more formulaically.
In his portrait of Gandalf, Tolkien has drawn on earlier texts and traditions, particularly those featuring Merlin, but he has not done so formulaically.
Instead they remain confined to in camera discussions of applicant merit assessed in light of three factors: the characteristics declared desirable by the Executive through the Office of Judicial Affairs; the formulaic dossiers required of applicants; and secret input from persons contacted, again formulaically, by the JAC.
Traditionally, science governance policy has been constructed and implemented through the technocratic approach to regulation, where apparently calculable quotients of such measures as costs, benefits, and risks are formulaically presented and mediation takes place through the exercise of scientific authority.
Lower level executives' bonus increases were typically higher than those for C-suite executives as a result of their bonuses generally being more formulaically weighted towards individual and business unit performance, while the bonus payouts for C-suite executives were heavily weighted toward overall corporate performance, including earnings and stock price performance.
Sometimes we see a bureaucratic or cookie cutter approach where risks are periodically weighed formulaically.
Further evidence of this potential opportunity area can be derived from more formulaically driven jurisdictions, such as Japan, where comparative negligence is routinely assessed about 35 percent of the time.
Champion claims, somewhat formulaically, the inherent contradictions of Shakespeare's plays "usually .
the annual payment line, and that those payments are subject to indexation and possible periodic reviews, where the cost of delivering the underlying services is re-examined and payments are formulaically adjusted).