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A land region with a high concentration of trees, which is divided into an overstory (canopy or upper tree layer) and an understory of vegetation, which is further divided into a shrub layer, herb layer and, depending on the ecosystem, also a moss layer.


an extensive wood or tract of wooded country.


pertaining to or emanating from the forest.

forest fire injury
forest primrose
forest tsetses
glossinabrevipalpis, G. fusca.

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Q. Do you know where can I find alcoholism treatment centers in Forest Grove, Pennsylvania? My stepmother is asking for my help to find an alcoholism treatment center where she can admit her daughter. Sabina, my stepsister has been addicted to alcohol ever since our dad died. Though we weren't very close, I still want her back to her normal state for she's still my sister. Please help me.

A. Look in the phone book for AA or Alcoholics Anonymous and call and you will find the best answer for your particular questions. Don't wait.

Pittsburgh Area Central Office
401 Wood Street
Suite 906
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

24 Hour Answering Service (Washington, PA)
Washington, PENNSYLVANIA 15301
United States

521 Club, The - A recovery clubhouse. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. (717) 299-9397 or (717) 509-6920. 2400 Butter Road. Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alcoholics Anonymous - Includes Forest City, Hotline (570) 654-0488.

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National authorities authorized this ALBA Forestal project, which is now turning the area into a desert.
The District Court held the contract between Daros and Forestal was invalid for two reasons: first, having used an Article 96 reservation to the CISG, Argentinean law required contracts to be in writing and thus any international oral agreement was not binding; and second, absent an oral agreement, Forestal failed to produce sufficient evidence of a contract with Daros.
Area de estudio: los suelos del lugar son rojo profundo (denominado de complejo 9), corresponden desde el punto de vista taxonomico a los Ultisoles, suelos de mejor aptitud agricola y excelente aptitud para la actividad forestal.
En este marco, el presente análisis contribuye para valorar y evaluar algunos indicadores de competitividad del sector exportador forestal que impactan sobre la expansión de la actividad económica de la provincia.
Research in the Reserva Forestal de Imataca was supported by the New York Zoological Society, the Asociacion Econatura, and INTECMACA.
The decision by Exacter to engage Forestal La Reforma was based on the company's commitment to quality services, their problem-solving approach, and established contracts and relationships within the Mexican utilities," explains Anderson.
As part of an emphasis on protecting the forests, the Corporacion Hondureno de Desarollo Forestal (Cohdefor) has fired and replaced some of its directors after investigations into their activities.
But there was no evidence of any hangover when Forestal reappeared at Wetherby last month.
2 million in cash for the purchase of minority interests in its subsidiaries Forestal Tornagaleones S.
HOWARD JOHNSON will have his first runner in Northern Ireland when Forestal goes for the Daily Mirror Handicap Chase at Down Royal next Monday.
Fitch has downgraded the ratings for the following tranches of the above forestal fund.
The forward split which had previously been announced on October 10, 2003 was subsequently postponed on October 17, 2003 pending a proposed merger with Smith Forestal of San Jose, Costa Rica.