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fo·go sel·va·gem

(fō'gō sel'vă-jem),
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, occurring in southern Brazil, in which the lesions are bullous, appear localized to the face and upper trunk, become widespread, variegated, erythrodermic, and exfoliative, and are immunologically indistinguishable from pemphigus foliaceus or vulgaris.
[Pg. wild fire]
Dermatology See Fogo selvagem
Public safety An uncontrolled fire—e.g., forest fire, scrub fire—that occurs in sparsely or unpopulated regions
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For palm oil plantation, the president told a cabinet meeting on mitigation of forest fire.
The season of forest fires in the area is between April 14 to July
However, all actors agree that the most effective way to handle forest fire issues is at the community level.
Currently, the Black Forest Fire appears to be moving south from the nearby town of Black Forest into the northernmost areas of Colorado Springs.
Forest Fire has spent much of the years between releases touring, crossing Europe three times last year - once supporting Phosphorescent, and twice headlining their own shows - including September's gig at the Westgarth - and playing festival dates, including the UK's End Of The Road and France's Route Du Rock.
And because it is difficult to locate water sources in the midst of a forest fire, the concept car is equipped with a compressed air foam system (CAFS) developed by Morita.
Modelling, monitoring and management of forest fires II; proceedings
Summary: Tetouan - A total of 47 forest fires that have broken out Northern Morocco up to July 20th, 2010 destroyed 20 hectares of land, regional Department of Water, Forests and Anti-desertification in Tetouan said.
Earlier in the week, China's National Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters issued a red alert which is the highest possible warning for forest fires.
In August 2008, a forest fire that occurred in Northern California in the US destroyed 650,000,000 square meters of forest.
The Bureau of Forest Fire Control's mission is prevention and detection of fires in the commonwealth's 3.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent news coverage of the forest fires in California has omitted key facts: environmental regulations have inhibited and even stopped the management of forests.

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