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front, e.g. forelimb.

fore cannon
the third metacarpal bone of the horse.

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Q. Is it possible to have pin worm on directly on the skin of your fore arms? I've had this condition for more than a year. The only thing that makes a difference is something to kill parasites. Nothing works efficiently. I itch all over beside having big sores on my arms and back. I've hade blood test that show that there are no parasites in the blood. So now what do I do? I am constantly digging this out of my skin, and the buggars jump.

A. I'm seeing a dermatologist. They said it wasn't scabies. That's what I thought it was at first. I keep breaking out in new places. The Dr. say's it's dermititous, but I'm seeing something different. Went I first broke out with this I felt crawly in the area I now have the sores.

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And so Fores and her gal pals went ahead and indulged in France and Spain.
But Fores, now 51, packed her bags anyway, because didn't their plane tickets say they had to fly out by June?
At the 12th edition of Identita Golose, an international chef's congress founded by Italian food journalist Paolo Marchi, Fores gave the international audience a taste of Philippine cuisine and talked of her colorful career.
Fores then presented three dishes: adobo, guisado and kinilaw.
Watching her weight, Fores drank only coffee as she closely monitored the catering.
Fores is still overwhelmed by the recognition-her award, aside from the main Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, decided on by a poll of respected industry personalities in the region.
I think the heavens have been conspiring for the last three years, Fores said Tuesday afternoon at Lusso in Greenbelt, Makati.
Fores was emotional at the announcement held at Lusso, one of her restaurants at Greenbelt 3 in Makati.
Fores declined to go into details, only saying that Filipino herbs like pansit-pansitan that gardeners of old used to ignore would be showcased this time.
Using local ingredients to flavor food isn't new to me, said Fores.
And for having been a staunch advocate of Italian cuisine in the Philippines for years now, Fores was given the distinction back in 2013.