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The clinical description of what transpires during our introduction, according to the highly amused staffer who is my guide, is "presenting," That, however, is a white-glove term for a scenario whose reality can be more accurately described by saying, "Medella vaults onto her forepaws like an Olympic gymnast, hind legs maximally akimbo, and thrusts her pelvis into the chain link fence while she twerks and spasms and thrusts her genitalia at me with such force it's as if she is trying to destroy not merely the fence itself but the entire conspiracy of folly and prejudice that prohibits interspecies romance?
You'd see Bing and Monty falling with their forepaws up and rear legs down, just as trained, ears flapping in the wind.
This writer witnessed the person who was entrusted with the disposal of the deceased doggie holding the forepaws as the hind legs of the departed creature dragged on the ground, leaving two thin curved trails to the main gate.
She placed the bear between the two pillows, his floppy head resting on his forepaws.
I mentioned about tickling because when they are harnessed they are irritated if they were not tamed in this way while they're still puppies, and they are not comfortable to run if they are not used to being stretched on their forepaws, and feeding them with soup, making sure that they don't get into the habit of being hungry [.
Note: To reduce four forces to three unknown forces for three static equations, a force (f1) for the forefeet occurring at the center between two forepaws, which were (a0, b0) and (a1, b1), was created.
When injected into the cheeks of mice, normal mice massage the area with their forepaws to relieve the hot sensation.
Cope presumably knew of the fish-eating habits of this animal directly from the explorer also from the fine print of a Potamogale on the bank a river with a large barb in its forepaws on the title page of Du Chaillu's second book on his African travels.
tucked between his outstretched forepaws, his haunches gathered, his
And dogs don't gesture with their forepaws or use an elaborate grammatical language when trying to explain things.
Over the following decade or so, dealing with the Russian bear was the common strategic goal for China and Western Europe as China's late leader Deng Xiaoping told the visiting European Commission President Roy Jenkins in February 1979, "You hold the bear by its forepaws where he bites, and we hold him by the hind paws where he kicks .