forensic odontologist

for·en·sic o·don·tol·o·gist

(fŏr-en'sik ō-don-tol'ŏ-jist)
Dental clinician who practices in the field of forensic dentistry.
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Andreas Fuhrmann, DDS, is Forensic Odontologist at the Department of Legal Medicine, Center for Diagnostics, and is formerly Head of the Department of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, Center for Dental and Oral Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.
There no POLICE Sheasby, a forensic odontologist at Glasgow University, told Jennifer Bain, prosecuting, a cast of Park's teeth was taken and he photographed the mark on Madison's leg.
The court hearing was told identification was carried out by forensic odontologist Dr Mary Clarke.
Colon, DMD, DMSc, is an oral and maxillofacial pathologist and forensic odontologist.
Krause there with his charts and pointer, another forensic odontologist, some scientists to testify about blood evidence, and the prosecution's original "expert" witnesses.
Instead, the prosecution turned to another forensic odontologist, Lowell Levine, who turned them down.
Forensic odontologist Andrew Walker said there were no dental remains he could use to identify two of the bodies.
Liverpool council used the forensic odontologist decision and withdrew child benefits and education from him in November.
Through local or alumni connections, we have been able to bring in a variety of guests, including a district attorney, a forensic odontologist, a DNA expert, and a retired FBI agent and crime writer.
Police called in a forensic odontologist who extracted a molar from the skull.
Burn victims, terribly decomposed bodies and skeletal remains may require the services of a forensic odontologist to compare dental records or, lacking those, a forensic anthropologist to evaluate the bones for determination of sex, age and ethnicity.
AJ Mark Gleisner, DDS, MS, is a Forensic Odontologist stationed at the Central Identification Laboratory, HI.