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A stickler for pomp and circumstance, she demanded lavish displays of blatant forelock tugging.
It carried a hint of the faithful old retainer touching his forelock and muttering: "Thankee kindly master.
He has a 3-foot-long white mane that goes to his knee and a forelock that goes almost to his nose.
A distinctive forelock curves down between their eyes.
For example, a person with WS may have a white forelock, a patch of white hair near the forehead and no hearing impairment.
But, judging from the evidence provided by Bird, he remained at heart a chore boy, tipping his forelock to Mr.
Sorry but no bowing and touching the forelock this time
In a new "independent" Scotland he would have us bowing the knee and tugging the forelock to an unelected and dysfunctional family for centuries to come.
They are curious, squinting cross-eyed under forelock fringes.
They are laying waste to communities as families reel under the threat of the sack and our elected representatives are meant to just tug the forelock.
Hopefully, Terry will have reminded the full-back that grovelling up to an opponent for his shirt at half time may be acceptable in Portugal, but here players ought to have a damn more self-respect and not go tugging their forelock to the man who's just put your Champions League place in jeopardy.