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I told myself to be patient, and then coaxed Ebby into putting her right foreleg through the far hole again.
Dimorphic patterns of foreleg pigmentation appear to be one of the most widespread and conspicuous form of sexual dimorphism among wolf spiders (Framenau, pers.
When a bug came along, Manny snatched his prey with his large, strong forelegs, which had sharp spines for grasping and holding.
May 29, 1861 Kettledrum won the Derby but only because the runner-up Dundee broke down on both forelegs.
In stalking mode, the bugs creep towards their prey and tap the web with their forelegs up to five times before each step.
More dramatic were episodes of a major mounting its forelegs on the head of another and then rocking furiously, rattling its target.
As he spoke a snow white Lipizzana stallion leant back on to its hind feet, raised its forelegs in the air and jumped forward three strides on its back legs.
Wolfhunt broke both forelegs in the spill and was euthanized.
Back after operations on both forelegs, Alderbrook showed no sign of ring rustiness and once Richard Dunwoody asked his horse to quicken in the straight, that was that.
This mare, originally named Bellewstown Lass, had the most fragile of forelegs and her trainer had been unable to put her over a fence during the 12 months since she ran in the race the previous year.
The horse's forelegs had been fired less than a year ago and he was covered in an allergy rash a week ago, yet still stormed home unchallenged from 12lb out of the handicap.
Skip Away had swelling in his forelegs for about a day after an incident Friday in which he dumped his exercise rider while dodging a fallen horse during a gallop, and ran free for 25 minutes.