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I placed her left foreleg through the near leg hole.
To relieve this anxiety, he may repetitively lick his foreleg until it is raw or chew his own paw two very common expressions of anxiety.
Here, the evidence for sexual dimorphism in male foreleg morphology within wolf spiders (family Lycosidae) is reviewed and shown to occur in a number of species belonging to at least seven genera in five subfamilies: Alopecosa, Hogna, Schizocosa (all Lycosinae) Pirata (Piratinae), Evippa, (Evippinae), Pardosa (Pardosinae) and Artoria (Artoriinae).
Instead, they butt heads and shove each other with their forelegs.
A common malformation of the forelegs has been observed in captive populations of multiple species of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae and species in several other families.
The Ditcheat trainer said: "He finished a bit jarred up on both forelegs after last year's race but they soon settled down.
May 29, 1861 Kettledrum won the Derby but only because the runner-up Dundee broke down on both forelegs.
In stalking mode, the bugs creep towards their prey and tap the web with their forelegs up to five times before each step.
More dramatic were episodes of a major mounting its forelegs on the head of another and then rocking furiously, rattling its target.
Her trainer said: "She hasn't the best of forelegs, which is why she hasn't had much racing.