foreign protein

for·eign pro·tein

a protein that differs from any protein normally found in the organism in question.
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Most serologic tests aim to detect antibodies produced from the body's response to an antigen or foreign protein of an infectious organism.
incobotulinumtoxinA) is manufactured using an FDA-approved state-of-the-art biotechnological process, which draws out the pure neurotoxin with a low foreign protein content.
Commercially available sutures made from natural proteins such as silk and catgut are absorbable by the body but often trigger inflammation due to their foreign protein structure that differs from what the body itself produces.
the dendritic cells, to recognize OFA/iLRP as a foreign protein and to have them direct the immune system against the cancer cells.
When gene engineers splice a foreign protein into a food product, they most often link it to another gene, called an antibiotic-resistance marker (ARM) gene.
Researchers have announced the creation of a genetically engineered chicken that can consistently churn out a foreign protein in the eggs it lays.
If Kuczynski is right in stating that amyloidoses results from the flooding of the body with the products of an abnormal cleavage of foreign protein, we should expect a dependence of the degenerative processes on the amount of protein that is injected.
The Path to Economically Viable Foreign Protein Co-Products of Oilseeds
But it could persist only until the animal's immune system got wind of the invader and swept in to destroy the cells that were playing host to the new DNA and producing the foreign protein.
Rather than using the whole cell, Biovest creates copies of the cell receptors (idiotype) on the patient's tumor cells, which are then given as a vaccine with GM-CSF and KLH, a foreign protein that kicks off an immune response, resulting in destruction of the cells.
The idea is to have a virus do something good for us, like express a foreign protein and carry genetic information into a cell," said Herman Scholthof.
When the immune system senses the large, foreign protein with drug molecules piggybacked onto them, it pumps out a variety of antibodies, explains Owen.

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