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done by force.

forced feeding
see force feeding, intravenous alimentation.

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Q. How to get a bipolar person to get treatment, if refuses to carry this condition? My girlfriend’s mom told me once by phone that my girlfriend was bipolar. I started doing a little research and learned it is difficult to live with this sickness. I don't want to brake up but my safety is fading out now

A. Unless you know for definite that your gf has actually been properly diagnosed for this disorder, you can't tell her to get treatment for a disorder that her mum thinks she may supposedly have. I think you need to have a big long chat with your girlfriend about this and show her your encouragement and support, rather than fear about your safety. She needs someone like you to understand what it is like, and it seems that her bipolar is not an extreme case, otherwise you would have known right away with her behavior. It's caused my having major highs and lows, and if she has been properly diagnosed, encourage her to get the treatment as you care for her and want her to get better!

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To continue the inferring process of AHMMCTP, we will set all weights 1/Np forcedly when the weights are all zero, where Np is the number of particles.
Moreover, in both cases, the paramilitary leaders re-populated the rural zones with people they recruited amongst the forcedly displaced (by themselves or by the guerrilla) in the cities, creating this way an (at least initially) loyal rural population that silenced the atrocities committed.
The situation is much better than before; most of the shops, which were earlier forcedly closed, are now being reopened.
At the meeting, Hiroki requested that the borough remove the monument after reading aloud documents including a 1993 statement from then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono that acknowledged the involvement of the imperial army in forcedly recruiting women into sexual servitude and apologized to the victims.
section]] turns into a new bowed space-time range, [DELTA]x, forcedly decoupled from the reference x-axis because of its acquired curvature, whence dx [not equal to] d[x.
Jose Renato Maia, dweller of the 'Comunidade do Cristal', in Porto Alegre, forcedly removed due to construction projects for the FIFA 2014 World Cup venues (1))
But 'obscurist', used in a technical sense, quickly comes to designate an abstract and often forcedly symbolic poetic mode that is seeking to be modernist, often self-consciously and ostentatiously so.
11) In 2004, the Constitutional Court decided on a legal action filed by hundreds of forcedly displaced individuals in which they argued the Government's inertia and unwillingness to implement Law 387/97.
When the Lord is in Covenant with a people, they follow him not forcedly, but as farre as they are sanctified by grace, they submit willingly to his regiment.
It also includes a play staged by people with special needs representing the suffering of the Golan people because of the Israeli mines planted in Quneitra before the occupation withdraws forcedly in 1974.
After the boy's father, a "manual scavenger," forcedly signed a letter of apology, the teacher allowed the boy to return to class.
We did not make the split, it became reasonable to forcedly leave the area," concluded the ex-Secretary of the Security Council.