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26) that Abraham Lincoln and others have forced upon Thanksgiving an unwarranted and unwanted religious emphasis, I have only this to say: When one stands on the shoulders of giants, it's best not to mock them.
Because religion is a personal issue, most of the symbolic gestures and prayers are not forced upon players but remain an individual choice.
The players should be sweating - if they aren't already as a result of their woeful first-half performance - so make the jerseys doubleknits, like the ones the late contrarian Charlie Finley once forced upon his Oakland A's.
Here's a list of possible changes forced upon the entertainment industry by all those overly sensitive folks out there, whose feelings seem to be more important than the fundamental freedom of choice granted by our Constitution (yes - even to Hollywood producers):
Obama said he doesn't know what motivated Dear, who injured nine, including five police officers, but it's clear "more Americans had fear forced upon them".
A state if the art and fully developed turnkey website that utilizes the Word Press format to focus attention on the business, social and political problems that are being forced upon contemporary American Society by powerful special interest groups.
Nobody, Mr Thomas, supports austerity, it is forced upon us.
I, as a deputy, cannot accept having certain names forced upon me to elect a president.
A very sad week for clubbing in Glasgow as The Arches nightclub goes into administration, a situation forced upon it after the Glasgow Licensing Board removed their late-night licence.
We have paid all that was required of us in tax and National Insurance contributions to keep this country on its feet yet, when retirement is forced upon us, we are expected to survive on less than a living wage.
Shahnaz, who is also the manager of the team, said that there was a conspiracy against their team in Bhubaneswar, where an apology was forced upon them to submit in the interest of Pakistan hockey, the Dawn reported.
You can avoid real-money purchases for skills by watching the adverts forced upon you, which are an all-too-familiar element of the mobile gaming world.