force couple

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force couple

Biomechanical principle whereby two or more muscles acting in different directions influence the rotation of a joint in a specific direction. When the forces are of equal magnitude and in opposite directions, the limb will rotate about its long axis. See: biomechanics


two moments applied in the same rotational direction to a rotating object or body. Also known as force couple.
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Force couple alteration may also be present in anterior, middle and posterior fibres.
Member of Parliament Ebtsam Habib, former head of the real estate publicity department, presented to the People's Assembly a proposed law that would force couples to officially register their marriage contracts.
3million despite fears that the credit crunch would force couples to cut back on romantic mini-breaks.
Gabriele Pauli said all marriages should be limited to save on the costs of a divorce and force couples to try harder, and after seven years couples should apply to have their marriages extended.

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