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forward motion characterized by both feet being simultaneously off the ground surface at a point during the gait cycle (contrast with walking, where one of the feet is always in contact throughout the gait cycle); during running the lower limb adopts a more varus position, the centre of gravity follows a more vertical path, there is greater lower-limb/foot deceleration, and a need for greater shock absorption and propulsive forces than for walking Table 1
Table 1: Comparison of gait during walking and running
WalkingSlow runningFast running
Contact phase (60%)
  • Heel contact

  • Midstance (flat foot)

  • Propulsion (toe off)

Shorter contact phase (50%)Short contact phase (40%)
5 cm base of gait (intermalleolar distance)>5 cm base of gait
Short swing phase (40%)Longer swing phase (70%)Long swing phase (80%)
Short period of double support (10%)40% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)60% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)
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a six-day foot race adventure connecting Fruita, CO to Moab, UT.
As part of a series of competitions sponsored by Terracity AVM, most interesting competition was the foot race on Saturday, which drew great attention.
THE Cherry Tree Trot, a foot race with numerous racing options, is being organised by the American Women's Association in order to raise funds for many charities throughout Bahrain.
Fireworks displays, kids' events, live music, a 10km foot race and more will also fill the five-day festival, which is marking its 55th anniversary this year.
Contract award: organization of the foot race of neuilly-sur-seine
Eaton kicked all of the conversions and Caldy replied with a penalty from Vasey and an opportunistic try from Chris Kohler who won a foot race with his opposite number after the ball was chipped over the top.
They have taken part in The Marathon des Sables, which is known as the toughest foot race on earth and spans approximately 156 miles across the Sahara desert.
Upbeat and lively pieces such as The Snow Fight and Foot Race add lightness and a playful exuberance to the score.
4 announced today the grand opening of a new, 6,860 square foot race and sports book.
A Dubai-based professor is in training to tackle the world's toughest foot race, an ultra-marathon run over a gruelling 217km course.
Powell was due to race in Monday's semi-finals but informed organisers he was experiencing tightness in his hamstring and would not line up in Australia's oldest and richest short-distance foot race.
Motorbikes are not hogging the limelight though, in the coming days the festival will also host a foot race, and one for cows and sheep.