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Foot consists of 28 bones, numerous ligaments and muscles and 3 basic foot arches which are medial longitudinal, lateral longitudinal and transverse.
Pes planus (flat foot) is one of the most frequent causes of orthopedic consultation, with the development of the foot arches initiating during the first decade of life (1,2).
2-million-year-old fossil from East Africa suggests Australopithecus afarensis, best known from the partial skeleton "Lucy," had stiff foot arches like those of people today, a sign of a two-legged stride (SN: 3/12/11, p.
Those patients tended to have higher foot arches, and to roll their foot to the side as they walked.
Children attending our OPD for some other problem and children from nearby schools, with normal foot arches were included as 'controls'.
One of the most common problems affecting daily life are collapsed foot arches - flat feet.
ATHIS is caused by inflammation in the tissue that supports your foot arches.
Australopithecus afarensis, an ancient hominid species best known for a partial female skeleton called Lucy, had stiff foot arches like those of people today, say anthropologist Carol Ward of the University of Missouri in Columbia and her colleagues.
Repeat 10 times to help stretch the calf muscles as well as the foot arches.
High arches: If Chinese philosophy is to be believed, people with high foot arches are very independent and self-sufficient.
This, he claims, is because a woman's foot arches in a high heel, similarly to how it arches during the act of love