dietary assessment

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di·e·tar·y as·sess·ment

(dīĕ-tar-ē ă-sesmĕnt)
Division of a dietary food record into individual components of the Food Guide Pyramid; assessment of quality, of whether the patient has an adequate diet, and of where modifications in that diet may be needed.
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Anthropometric measurements were taken 1 year prior to completion of the 3-day food record and questionnaire, as participants of this study were a subsample of a larger long-term post-RYGB follow-up research study.
The 24 hours food records were analyzed using the FPI II software (Food Processor II, Nutrition System ESHA Research, Salem, Oregon 1987) which could calculate the consumed calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat intake based on percentage and grams.
Even though in the present study, food record questionnaire was completed under the supervision of parents, but the need to use more objective methods in nutrition education interventions was felt.
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The food record also contained a section where the subjects were instructed to record daily supplement use.
After completing this part of the interview, the person was instructed on how to complete an Estimated Food Record (EFR) for 4 consecutive days, including one weekend day.
A four day food record was collected for each participant at the beginning and end of the intervention period and analysed by registered dieticians.
Three assessment tools can be helpful: (1) the 24-hour food record, (2) the Night Eating Syndrome Questionnaire, and (3) the Night Eating Syndrome History and Inventory (for more information, go to www.
Nine men and ten women completed questionnaires on supplement use and nine men and four women completed a three-day food record.
compared three-day food records, five-day food frequency method, and 24-hour recall with unobtrusive observation by trained nutritionists at school lunch time and concluded that the three-day food record was the best overall choice for assessing food intake.