dietary assessment

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di·e·tar·y as·sess·ment

(dīĕ-tar-ē ă-sesmĕnt)
Division of a dietary food record into individual components of the Food Guide Pyramid; assessment of quality, of whether the patient has an adequate diet, and of where modifications in that diet may be needed.
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Forty-three subjects, whose food records were judged accurate enough both at T0 and T1, were included in the data analysis (inclusion rate 57.
The Childhood Asthma Prevention Study (CAPS) provides a rare opportunity to investigate nutrient and food intake data and correlates of over 400 Australian children aged 18 months, on whom three-day weighed food records were kept by carers.
Weighed food record analysis found that Centre A provided 50% of the RDI for all nutrients and energy and Centre B did not (39% of RDI for energy and 34% for calcium) and that Centre A provided a greater amount of all macro and micronutrients (see Table 2).
A total of 504 food records were collected from the 142 women, with each woman having an average of 3.
Last year, Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research found that people who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight and consumed fewer calories than those who kept no records, just because they wrote it down.
Giving the FDA enhanced access to food records during emergencies (55 percent).
Researchers studied three years of lunch food records from middle school students in southeast Texas and found that after the nutrition policy was implemented, consumption of vegetables and milk went up, while consumption of candy, chips and sugary drinks went down.
Under the plan, FDA would receive additional statutory authority to establish controls to prevent intentional adulteration for high-risk foods, accredit food producers, require electronic import certificates, mandate recalls, and enhance access to food records during emergencies.
BLUR were originally called Seymour, but changed their name when they signed to Food Records in 1990.