follicle mite

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follicle mite

Any of various tiny mites of the genus Demodex that infest the hair follicles of mammals.


A minute arachnid of the order Acarina. Some mites are parasitic and cause asthma, mange, and scabies; others are vectors of disease organisms and are intermediate hosts for certain cestodes.

dust mite

A species, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinum or D. farinae, that ingests shed human skin cells. The mite is a common cause of allergic reactions.

follicle mite

Demodex folliculorum.

harvest mite


itch mite

See: Sarcoptes; scabies

mange mite

Any mite of the families Sarcoptidae and Psoroptidae, which causes mange in many species of animals.
See: mange; scabies

red mite

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