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Induction of Oocyte Degeneration and Resorption by the Follicle Cells
According to our observations, the follicle cells and degenerated oocytes showed the characteristics of cells that play a functional role in hydrolytic enzyme activity.
At this time, the follicle cells contained a few lipid droplets and mitochondria in the cytoplasm, but they gradually lost their intimate association with the entire oocyte surface, and the microvilli appeared along the vitelline coat where the follicle cells had withdrawn (Fig.
Ultrastracture of Germ Cells and the Follicle Cells Daring Oogenesis and Oocyte Degeneration
At this time, follicle cells measuring 4-5 [micro]m in diameter migrated from the periphery of the follicular wall.
ABSTRACT The ultrastructures of germ cells and follicle cells during oogenesis, the reproductive cycle, and the size at sexual maturity in female Meretrix lusoria were investigated for clams collected from Simpo, Korea by cytological, histological, and morphometric analysis.
Study suggested that genistein and daidzein decreased pig ovarian follicle cell apoptosis in a dose-responsive manner, and daidzein was more potent than both estradiol and genistein (Suttner et al.