foam stability test

foam sta·bil·i·ty test

a test for fetal pulmonary maturity, determined by the ability of pulmonary surfactant in amniotic fluid to generate stable foam in the presence of ethanol after mechanical agitation.
Synonym(s): shake test
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The cleansing composition has an improved average foam stability ranging between 35-60mm according to the foam stability test, wherein the ratio of surface-active agent to oil is in the range of 1:0.
The first April foam stability test is irrelevant because of lab technician error in weighing up the sample of the cement mix.
The second April foam stability test was a re-test due to the lab errors in the first test.
Contrary to the National Commission report, a foam stability test does not require 48 hours to complete.
Further, Halliburton has attempted repeatedly to correct the National Commission's mistaken conclusion that a foam stability test normally requires 48 hours.
A foam stability test was not conducted on the nine gallon formulation.