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Two section C colt foals which sold for PS1,400 were the bay Menai Velocity to Mrs H Brock of Bristol and the black Neuaddparc Roberto Black to Miss C Oldham of Aberdeen.
A pregnant mare requires proper nutrition to ensure the developing foal thrives in a healthy placenta and receives adequate blood supply.
Horse lovers in Northumberland spent 48 hours camped out in their hay barn as they played a pivotal role in helping the foal survive.
Horse experts reckon the odds of a mare giving birth to healthy twin foals are about one in 10,000.
UK-based charity The Brooke is urging People readers to back its 2009 campaign to help the foals.
Last month we looked at how Lisa worked on teaching foals to pick their feet up.
Some foals are slow to nurse due to foaling complications or because of some birth defect or impairment, but others are slow for no apparent reason.
THOUSAND OAKS - Bred by Irish Gypsies and named for a movie star, the newborn foal was all legs on a recent summer morning.
Prevada has had six foals, she's an experienced mother, but it is the hardest thing in the world to get a mare to take on a foal even when they've lost their own so in this case we were really lucky.
Sheila Sharples, 58, told yesterday how she came across the malnourished foals, just a few months old, at an auction.
Foals are most often born at night which helps keep them and mum from predators.
Most horse breeders begin weaning foals at 4 to 7 months, but some keep foals and mares together for an additional month or two.