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Interestingly, their focus was birds from the Pacific Flyway that come through Alaska to North America.
The other ducks of greatest importance to Mississippi Flyway hunters include gadwalls, green-winged teal and blue-winged teal.
He said the Indus Flyway is important as a large number of birds of diverse species, including water fowls, cranes, teals, pintail, mallard and gadwall, take this itinerary.
Throughout the Mississippi Flyway, moist soil production has suffered greatly.
The overwhelming presence of snow geese is now upsetting established food webs and ecological tolerances in wintering and breeding areas and migratory stopovers along their continental flyway.
Recent research indicates that human activities such as mechanical shellfish dredging and bird hunting in one wetland has negative impact on bird numbers in other wetlands within the same migratory flyway.
Qinghai Lake and Uvs Nuur Lake, which are found along the migratory flyway in central Asia, are major lakes for bird migration and breeding.
Thankfully, Brian Harrington from the Manomet Bird Observatory in Massachusetts had been conducting pioneering work, laying the foundation for understanding the flyway of this subspecies.
That compares with proposed hunting season lengths of 60 days in both the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways, 74 days in the Central Flyway.
Amtrak says $3 billion more for security and service improvements will make rail travel a real alternative to the nation's weary flyways.
But building lights appear to confuse them, especially mirror-glass skyscrapers along East Coast and Great Lakes flyways.
From all this information, scientists are able to make maps of different "bird flyways.