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Yes, the Flying Dragon Circus is in Toon as part of its debut tour.
Highlights included the Flying Dragon Circus, an amazing performance from the Happy Mondays and an explosive finale late Sunday evening.
Flying Dragon Circus is a groundbreaking celebration of the very best of Chinese and European circus traditions and it makes its European premiere at the Theatre Royal Newcastle on July 15.
The finale with the flying dragon is even more spectacular, an edge-of-the-seat confrontation with Beowulf dangling by rope from the dragon and bumping into every bit of sticky-out scenery
He resists, but then a child falls off a cliff, and the only way to save him is by turning back into the flying dragon.
The flying dragon, or '"draco" has wings of skin along its body that open out like an umbrella.
With this new Blob content, a child can make his Jester entertain the crowd with comical dance steps, or have her knight defend the village against a flying dragon.
When the Flying Dragon finds itself being persuaded by a scary black ship, the crew must race before Barnabus the scurvy dog and his crew catch up.
A host of world class performers from around the globe are taking part in the festival and these include the Flying Dragon Circus with their ground-breaking celebration of the very best of Chinese and European circus traditions.
Brenda said other sponsors of this year's trip have included RAF Boulmer and the Theatre Royal, which invited the visitors to see the Flying Dragon Circus on Tuesday.
The Flying Dragon acrobatic show, with circus artists, musicians and kung fu performers, will burst on to the stage at the Theatre Royal in July.
A spectacular flying dragon scene gives him the chance to dowse the front rows in water, well it was water this morning when the dragon drank it, and they receive something similar during the equally entertaining flying carpet routine.