flutter device

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flut·ter de·vice

(flŭt'ĕr dĕ-vīs')
Forced expiratory breathing implement that vibrates to facilitate coughing.

Flutter device

A handheld device to facilitate clearance of mucus in hypersecretory lung disorders. Exhalation through the Flutter causes oscillations of expiratory pressure and airflow, which vibrate the airway walls, loosen mucus, decrease the collapsibility of the airways, and accelerate airflow. This facilitates movement of mucus up the airways.
See: cystic fibrosis
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The FLUTTER device makes it possible for these patients to clear their own airways.
The Medicator Plus[R], with Versatile Exhalation Port enables expiratory filtration to protect therapists from patient-exhaled pathogens and drugs and allows attachment of optional expiratory flutter devices for simultaneous bronchial hygiene.
The expansion device chapter is about as up-to-date as can be with coverage of the simple PEP and flutter devices as well as the complex vest and intrapulmonary vibration and oscillation systems.