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The Chilly Dogs Blue Flurries Sweater is a beautifully crafted sweater that is hand-knit with 100% wool and made with all-natural dyes that come from plants, not chemicals.
A TAP dancing Santa, snow flurries, actors skating on ice and a levitating ghost are just some of the highlights.
Thomas Kingston, six, and his little brother Alex, five, made the most of the snow-covered hills of Tynedale, Northumberland, yesterday, after overnight flurries blanketed parts of the North East.
Temperatures are expected to fall to just 1C in upland areas and snow flurries could hit anywhere.
Although not entirely unexpected, the thunderstorm packed more punch than forecasters anticipated as a low-pressure system coupled with the cold air above it quickly built momentum, resulting in snow flurries at elevations as low as 1,000 feet, said National Weather Service meteorologist Gale Harris.
Flurries of snow across the North-East yesterday heralded the onset of a big chill, weather-watchers warned last night - and the region braced itself for a deep-frozen New Year.