Experimental perfluorochemical solution under investigation as an artificial blood substitute.
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Role of the perfluorocarbon Fluosol-DA in coronary angioplasty.
The preoperative treatment of severely anemic patients with a perfluorochemical oxygen-transport fluid, Fluosol-DA.
2] solubility of the fluorcarbon emulsion Fluosol-DA 20% and [O.
That led to the development of a product called Fluosol-DA, a synthetic, acellular oxygen carrier made from two fluorine-containing (per-fluorocarbon) compounds and--among other things--an egg yolk constituent and a mild detergent.
The researchers concluded that Fluosol-DA was "unnecessary in moderate anemia and ineffective in severe anemia.
3 The red cell substitute Fluosol-DA, discovered by the Japanese, is undergoing clinical trials on humans.
Fluosol-DA, first developed in Japan, is a patented emulsion of two such perfluorochemical compounds, perfluorodecalin and perfluorotripropylamine.