fluoride varnish

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fluor·ide var·nish

(flōrīd vahrnish)
Clinically applied varnishlike coating with high concentrations of fluoride (20,000 ppm or greater) applied to the teeth every 3 to 6 months; intended to reduce tooth decay.
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Participants receive oral health screenings and, if qualified, may receive fluoride varnish and dental sealants.
The program intends to reach about 350 young children a year by conducting oral health screenings and fluoride varnish applications at early care sites.
The use of topical or systemic fluoride or fluoride varnish should be considered.
MPL PDCMD manufactures fluoride varnish, prophy paste and other materials used in preventive and restorative dental procedures.
In addition to free dental exams, fluoride varnish applications and dental cleanings, the clinics also provide oral health information, toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to women and children covered by WIC with the goal of preventing future dental problems.
The core programme contains two elements delivered by community dental staff in every health board area: | A school or nursery-based tooth brushing and fluoride varnish programme for children aged three to five, helping establish good habits; | A preventative programme for children from birth to three years giving advice to parents, providing toothbrushes and paste, and encouraging regular visits to the dentist.
announces the launch of MI Varnish[TM], a five percent sodium fluoride varnish with RECALDENT[TM] (CPP-ACP).
One measure in the plan was a new policy specifying that MassHealth reimburse primary care physicians (PCPs) for providing fluoride varnish (FV) treatments to eligible MassHealth members < 21 years old.
The report from the NHS Information Centre also shows the number of children receiving a fluoride varnish with their treatment has jumped in the last year.
The alternative method involves painting fluoride varnish onto the tooth surface, which makes the tooth surface more resistant to decay.
Another way to protect teeth involves having a fluoride varnish painted on the exposed roots, according to Albert.