fluoride toxicity

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fluor·ide tox·ic·i·ty

(flōrīd tok-sisi-tē)
State in which the level of corporal fluoride absorption rises until it has become poisonous; symptoms of an acute toxic dose include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, increased salivation, and thirst as a result of irritation to the stomach lining.
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Ultrastructural studies on the leydig cells of rabbits exposed to chronic fluoride toxicity.
Most current research on fluoride toxicity has focused on chronic exposure.
Cells have had to contend with fluoride toxicity for billions of years, and so they have evolved precise sensors and defense mechanisms to do battle with this ion," said Breaker, who is also an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Acute fluoride toxicity usually results from accidental ingestion of insecticides or rodenticides which contain fluoride salts.
Modulation of fluoride toxicity in rats by calcium carbonate and by withdrawal of fluoride exposure.
Calcium is the most effective antagonist of fluoride toxicity and inhibits the toxic effects of fluoride on bone and bone mineral metabolism (8,10,11).
Manhattan Project covered up effects of fluoride toxicity.
But fluoride toxicity has been linked to bone disease, infant mortality and brain damage.
35) Oxidative stress is a recognized mode of fluoride toxicity that has been observed in several types of cells and also in different organ systems in animals and in people living in areas of endemic fluorosis.
Research has suggested that the overconsumption of fluoridated toothpaste has health implications and may pose risk for fluorosis and fluoride toxicity.