fluoride tablets

fluor·ide tab·lets

(flōrīd tablĕts)
Supplement that may be chewed and swallowed to provide anticaries activity.
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Since fluoride tablets are only recommended for children living in non-water-fluoridated areas, there may have been little difference in total fluoride intake between his comparison groups.
Not very long ago, fluoride tablets were given to pregnant women in the misguided belief they would strengthen their unborn babies' teeth.
Other types of systemic fluoride that can be given to children are fluoride tablets or drops, however there are far less popular," added Field.
It didn't take long for commercial interests to hop on the fluoride bandwagon, introducing toothpastes and mouthwashes with fluoride, along with professionally prescribed fluoride tablets and drops, gels and varnishes.
104) Austrian researchers have also found that fluoride tablets make bones more susceptible to fractures.
We also need to determine whether they should have systemic fluoride tablets.
Before our children were born my wife took fluoride tablets on her dentist's advice and then gave them to the children consistently.
Some years ago, I was horrified when a woman who was moving to an unfluori-dated area told me how she had been advised at Birmingham Dental Hospital to give her children fluoride tablets.
Maybe The Register-Guard would like to volunteer to pay for all those children who need to take fluoride tablets when their parents can't afford it.
The singer believes she may die of cancer because she took fluoride tablets for her teeth as a kid.
John Yiamouyiannis described how two young boys perished by fluoride tablets and by a coating that was performed in the dentist's office.
Other measures such as taking fluoride tablets is second best to putting it in water supplies.