fluoride drops

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fluor·ide drops

(flōrīd drops)
Liquid fluoride supplement solution sometimes given to children aged from 6 months to 3 years old who do not have adequate exposure to fluoride from other sources.
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However, according to recent evidencebased reports on fluoridated milk, fluoridated salt, fluoride tablets and fluoride drops there is lack of evidence to make good recommendations [ Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2002; Yeung et al.
Dawn, of Linlithgow, feels guilty that it was her own dedication in giving Carena the recommended dose of fluoride drops, tablets and mouthwashes that led to her teeth being spoiled.
Those who reject fluoride for religious or health reasons can opt out only by purchasing bottled water, while those who seek the dental benefits of fluoride can opt in by giving themselves and their children fluoride drops or pills.