fluoride application

fluoride application, fluoride dental treatment

Etymology: L, fluere, to flow, dens, tooth; Fr, traitment
the direct oral application of fluoride compounds to reduce the incidence of dental caries.
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These preventable measures include impeccable oral hygiene, in-office fluoride application, tooth fillings, and placement of sealants.
Preventive dentistry is also offered through treatments such as fluoride application, which strengthens teeth, and dental sealants, which help guard teeth against decay.
Provide oral hygiene instruction on proper tooth brushing techniques, frequency, flossing, fluoride application, information on pregnancy gingivitis, pyogenic granuloma, enamel erosion, "baby bottle" tooth decay, childhood caries risk, and dental referrals
2] particles are the major reaction products after a topical fluoride application to tooth surfaces (1-3) The source of calcium (Ca) necessary for [CaF.
Augenstein et al presented an interesting review of 87 cases of accidental fluoride ingestion, which included ingestion of topical fluoride products, excessive topical fluoride application by dental practitioners, and ingestion of a sodium fluoride insecticide, analysis of which indicated that the majority of cases of fluoride toxicity in children of less than 12 years of age, in amounts up to 8.
The AMA endorses fluoride application in general, but admits it has not carried out any research work on the subject.
In patients receiving head and neck radiation to treat cancers--a group at high risk of poor salivary flow--Enamelon's remineralizing properties were "significantly superior" to a conventional fluoride application in preventing root decay, according to a report published in the July 1999 GERODONTOLOGY.
In 2009, more than half (56 percent) of children and adolescents did not visit the dentist in the past year and nearly nine of 10 (86 percent) children and adolescents did not receive a dental sealant or a topical fluoride application in the past year.
The anti-caries effect of topical fluoride application depends on reaction products formed on the enamel during clinical treatment and the retention of these products over time.
The IDAA had input on several changes to the rule for delegating coronal polishing and fluoride application for dental assistants.
Many patients read or watch television during Zoom Whitening treatment, and all patients experience little or no post-whitening teeth sensitivity because fluoride application is performed afterwards.
The legislation specifies that fluoride application must be part of a comprehensive oral health risk assessment, and that medical practitioners who apply the varnish must receive training on risk assessment and fluoride varnish application.