fluoride application

fluoride application, fluoride dental treatment

Etymology: L, fluere, to flow, dens, tooth; Fr, traitment
the direct oral application of fluoride compounds to reduce the incidence of dental caries.
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The following services are available for $15 (free for CLC students with ID): teeth cleaning, X-rays, fluoride application, and pit and fissure sealants.
6) California uses the same rules as for fluoride application as a preventive agent for control of caries.
Clinical evaluation of a modified silver fluoride application technique designed to facilitate lesion assessment in outreach programs.
Of course, caries and cavities may cause sensitivity due to demineralization of the tooth, which then requires a tooth filling, RCT, or just fluoride application in cases of initial caries.
Topical fluoride application was applied to the schoolers coming from poblacion day care centers such as: 59 from Angels Keeper; 23 from Barangay 5; 11 from Barangay 11 and 16 from Little Smile.
These preventable measures include impeccable oral hygiene, in-office fluoride application, tooth fillings, and placement of sealants.
Fluoride application is believed to work through a reaction between the fluoride ion and ionized calcium in the tubular fluid.
Both will offer medical and dental examinations, tooth extractions, fluoride application, and pit and fissure sealant application.
14) Although salivary retention of fluoride does not necessarily reflect anticaries effect, this data can provide some indication of dose-effective methods of topical fluoride application.
2] particles are the major reaction products after a topical fluoride application to tooth surfaces (1-3) The source of calcium (Ca) necessary for [CaF.
Augenstein et al presented an interesting review of 87 cases of accidental fluoride ingestion, which included ingestion of topical fluoride products, excessive topical fluoride application by dental practitioners, and ingestion of a sodium fluoride insecticide, analysis of which indicated that the majority of cases of fluoride toxicity in children of less than 12 years of age, in amounts up to 8.
1) Another Cochrane review found 17 randomized controlled trials comparing different methods of topical fluoride application in children.