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(flo͝or′ĭ-dāt′, flôr′-)
tr.v. fluori·dated, fluori·dating, fluori·dates
To add a fluorine compound to (a drinking water supply, for example) for the purpose of reducing tooth decay.

fluor′i·da′tion (-dā′shən) n.

fluoridate (flôr´idāt),

v to add fluoride to a water supply.
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However, there have also been significant fluoridation successes, such as in San Diego, which began fluoridating this spring.
There is no increase in dental decay when you stop fluoridating.
Technically, artificially fluoridating drinking water is a violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).
California American Water customers were notified in the 2009 Consumer Confidence Report that the city of San Diego would begin fluoridating water in 2010.
Meanwhile, the Assembly's children and young people committee has investigated the issue and in its report said the Welsh Government should keep the evidence for fluoridating water supplies in Wales "under review".
APHA first adopted policy in 1950 in support of fluoridating public water supplies, and since 1979 has encouraged national health organizations to hold their gatherings exclusively in cities and communities with fluoridated water.
Most recently, seven public health officials representing the six Southern California counties in MWD's service area urged the Metropolitan board at its December 2001 meeting to have the district consider fluoridating its supplies.
Today a internet search showed over 850,000 entries on the subject of fluoridating tap water for population control and to stupefy populations.
In a letter to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, APHA's Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (E), urged the city's officials to "move ahead speedily" with fluoridating remaining water supplies, "so that all residents can enjoy the benefits in reducing the prevalence and severity of tooth decay.
The evidence shows that water fluoridation is one of the most effective ways of reducing tooth decay Mr Johnson urged the NHS to consider fluoridating tap water for those areas with poor dental health.
The British Dental Association has campaigned in favour of fluoridating tap water due to the dental benefits it brings.
The Department of Water and Power began fluoridating water on Aug.