fluoridated salt

fluor·i·dat·ed salt

(flōri-dā-tĕd sawlt)
Sodium chloride with a fluoride additive.
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Fluoride levels in saliva and dental plaque after consumption of snacks prepared with fluoridated salt.
Fluoride concentration in saliva after consumption of a dinner meal prepared with fluoridated salt.
Fluoride Tablets & Drops, Fluoridated Milk and Fluoridated Salt
Fluoride tablets and fluoride drops (traditionally termed fluoride supplements), fluoridated milk and fluoridated salt have been available for decades.
However, according to recent evidencebased reports on fluoridated milk, fluoridated salt, fluoride tablets and fluoride drops there is lack of evidence to make good recommendations [ Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2002; Yeung et al.
Fluoridated salt is widely used in Germany, France and Switzerland with 30-80% of the marketed salt for domestic use being fluoridated [Marthaler and Petersen, 2005].
Aim: To compare prevalence of dental fluorosis (DF) in permanent teeth in children whose domestic water supply was fluoridated since birth with that in a community where fluoridated salt was available.
Key words: Children, Dental Fluorosis, Fluoridated Salt, Toothpaste, Water Fluoridation.