fluorhydroxyapatite (flôr´hīdrok´sēap´ətīt),

n a member of the family of minerals that make up the basic structure of bones and teeth. It is formed when small amounts of fluoride and teeth mineral react. When higher concentrations of fluoride are involved, the result is the formation of calcium fluoride.
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Javadian, Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite and fluorhydroxyapatite nano-size powders, Biomedical Materials, doi:10.
Their proposed scaffold is consisted of polycaprolactone, as a biodegradable polymer, and fluorhydroxyapatite as a bioactive bioceramic material which tout ensemble form a nanocomposite.
According to the research results, when the fluorhydroxyapatite, acting as a reinforcing agent, increases, the content of the nanocomposite would lower the scaffold's porosity.