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To produce or exhibit fluorescence.
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The clear, UV fluorescing ink is ideal for GS1-DataMatrix and other 2D codes, and is resistant to the autoclave process.
Kodak Red Fluorescing Dry Ink is considered ideal for admission tickets.
The darkroom has a sliding, auto-locking door to prevent accidental UV exposure and a filter drawer which means scientists can add filters for visualising naturally fluorescing bacteria, such as Pseudomonas fluorescens, or recombinant E.
Suppose that we are free to adjust the concentration of fluorophore in one of the solutions and we adjust the concentration so that the two fluorescing sources give the same total fluorescence radiance.
The GloGerm fluorescing powder is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of surface cleaning.
Sy foresees the potential for bringing new value-added products to the company's repertoire--such as photo books with dimensional effects and school diplomas with red fluorescing ink for added security.
The Ultra-Red fluorescing technology allows manufacturers to incorporate automated or manual quality inspection to ensure complete and accurate placement of the cured adhesive.
He says fluorescing cells are a useful tool to help work out the best way to engineer specific cells.
Navy, the fluorescing technology extends the service life of tank coatings by illuminating insufficient film thickness wherever it occurs through the use of a portable ultraviolet flashlight.
The red-light fluorescing additive can also be used in packaging films to protect products from uv damage.
When illuminated with a red laser, the traps decay by fluorescing in the blue.
Next, 2 ml of fluorescing dye solution (a saturated solution of disodiumfluorescein) were dispensed into each glove through the cuff opening.