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To produce or exhibit fluorescence.
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In 1975, Robbin Thorp of the University of California, Davis found that nectar fluoresces in some bee-pollinated flowers.
107), these tiny clusters of gold atoms fluoresce brightly and emit different wavelengths of light when scientists vary the number of atoms in each cluster.
A group led by Ralph Weissleder at the Center for Molecular Imaging Research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Christoph Bremer of University of Muenster in Germany has developed a contrast agent that fluoresces when it reacts with a certain enzyme involved in metastasis.
What's more, the Harvard investigators constructed a prototype, one-wire "nano--bar code" that fluoresces under green light in alternating dark and bright stripes.
Reinbothe, however, found that if protochlorophyllide b receives more energy than the complex can use, it fluoresces, emitting the excess harmlessly.
The team has also looked at acrylic mixed with a compound that fluoresces under ultraviolet light when above a particular pH.
Each ion fluoresces only when excited by light of two different wavelengths, a process called upconversion.
Sprayed on a model's surface and illuminated by ultraviolet light, it fluoresces a pink color.
The molecule, an anthracene derivative called benzo-15-crown-ether-aldehyde, fluoresces, or emits light of one wavelength, when exposed to light of another.
This cloud, or nebula, fluoresces as a result of energetic, ionizing radiation that could only come from a high-temperature star embedded within it.
Applying the method to DNA sequencing requires tagging each type of base along a DNA strand with a chemical marker that fluoresces at a particular wavelength.
For counting or sorting, the sperm membranes and tails are stripped off and the naked sperm heads are stained so that their DNA fluoresces when exposed to a laser beam.