fluorescent microscopy

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fluorescent microscopy

examination with a fluorescent microscope equipped with a source of ultraviolet light rays, used to study specimens, such as tissues or microorganisms, that have been stained with fluorescent dye. Also called ultraviolet microscopy. See also fluorescent antibody test.

fluorescent microscopy (fl·reˑ·snt mī·krˑ·sk·pē),

n a type of microscope examination, usually of microorganisms or tissue stained with a fluorescent dye. Also called
ultraviolet microscopy.
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After reseeding, scaffolds were studied at 1 week for attachment of cells by fluorescent microscopy with an excitation/emission wavelength of 553/570 nm (red color).
Epithelial adhesion occurred in untreated samples and was quantified by fluorescent microscopy.
Tadpoles at various stages of m) examined for promotormdevelopment were fixed and cryostat thin sections (14 driven GFP expression using fluorescent microscopy.
Further, specificity studies using fluorescent microscopy were conducted to evaluate the binding specificities of other Vibrio sp.
Contact sites on materials were visualized by fluorescent microscopy in conjunction with a specific antibody against vinculin, a protein which is found on the cytoplasmic face of focal contacts.
Croda reports it has shown the actual sites where its moisture-balancing wheat protein, Cropeptide W, deposits in the hair cortex, according to a high-resolution confocal laser-scanning fluorescent microscopy study.
In future work, Woods and Kavanagh plan to use ESR along with adherent cell analysis and sorting fluorescent microscopy to determine if transgenic cells and mice that have increased capacities for GSH synthesis are resistant to various chemicals that generate free radicals.
Fluorescent microscopy was applied to collect fluorescence intensity profiles after the binding of FITC-adrenodoxin conjugate to anti-FITC antibodies oriented by receptor monolayers.
Patent that refines the use of fluorescent microscopy to increase the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of the CyPath[R] diagnostic assay for lung cancer.
Contract award: EC_0613_Automated Slide Scanner for Light and Fluorescent Microscopy.
Using a technique called fluorescent microscopy, the researchers measured the bending of the microposts in order to quantify the traction forces.
Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) stain) or fluorochrome dyes (auramine stain) and examined with light and fluorescent microscopy, respectively, as shown in Fig.

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