fluorescent antibody test

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pertaining to or characterized by fluorescence.
fluorescent antibody test a test for the distribution of cells expressing a specific protein by binding antibody specific for the protein and detecting complexes by fluorescent labeling of the antibody. Called also FAB test.
fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test the standard treponemal antigen test for syphilis: Nonspecific antibodies are removed from patient serum, which is then reacted with Treponema pallidum fixed to a glass slide. Specific antibodies adhering to the treponemes are demonstrated with fluorescein-labeled antihuman globulin. Positive tests are seen in about 85 per cent of cases of primary syphilis, 100 per cent in secondary syphilis, and 98 per cent in late syphilis. The test remains positive for life even after syphilis has been successfully treated. Called also FTA-ABS test.

fluorescent antibody test (FA test)

a test in which a fluorescent dye is used to stain an antibody for identification of clinical specimens. Fluorescent dyes conjugate with immunoglobulins without altering the antibody-antigen reaction, making the dyed organisms glow visibly when examined under a fluorescent microscope. The fluorescent antibody technique can be used in identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and in the most common serological screening test for syphilis. One kind of fluorescent antibody test is the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test. Also called immunofluorescence test.
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Fluorescent antibody test showing mumps virus

fluorescent antibody test

A laboratory test for the identification of a wide range of infective and other agents for which specific antibodies, linked to fluorescein, are held. The observation of fluorescence demonstrates that the antibody has attached to the corresponding substance (ANTIGEN), which must therefore be present.

Fluorescent antibody test (FA test)

A test in which a fluorescent dye is linked to an antibody for diagnostic purposes.
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having the quality of fluorescence.

fluorescent antibody
see fluorescence microscopy.
fluorescent antibody test
see fluorescence microscopy.
fluorescent bone marker
tetracycline is used experimentally to mark bone for procedures such as measuring rate of growth of bone.
fluorescent crystals
phosphors used in radiographic intensifying screens. A fine grade of crystals improves the definition of the image obtained but significantly slows the speed of the film. Calcium tungstate was commonly used as the phosphor but is gradually being replaced by rare earths.
fluorescent dye
used in fluorescent staining and fluorescence microscopy.
fluorescent screen
used as a fluoroscopic screen.
fluorescent staining
use of a fluorescent dye linked to an antibody forms the basis for fluorescence microscopy.
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Rabies was diagnosed by fluorescent antibody test of brain tissue.
Compared to the direct fluorescent antibody test, the traditional standard in rabies diagnosis, the dRIT was 100% sensitive and specific.
A fluorescent antibody test (a virus neutralization assay) is routinely used to measure levels of antibodies to rabies virus in sera from vaccinated animals by using rabies virus strain CVS.
Rapid methods such as polymerase chain reaction assays, direct fluorescent antibody tests, and viral cultures are now available.
Rapid identification methods directly applicable to clinical specimens include fluorescent antibody tests (for Bacteroides, pertussis, Legionella); enzyme immunoassays (N.
Serologic tests of CSF and serum for anti-rabies virus antibody, PCR tests of saliva and a nuchal biopsy for the presence of rabies RNA, and direct fluorescent antibody tests of the nuchal biopsy for rabies virus were performed.

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