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An appraisal of photosynthetic fluorescence kinetics as a plant function.
The ERF value of a microsphere calibrator is defined as the number of equivalent reference fluorophores which give the same fluorescence intensity as that of a single microsphere calibrator (6).
Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager said, "The ParaLens Advance was developed to provide the benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to more users around the world.
The [DELTA]pH component of this difference constitutes an absolute requirement for the induction of a down-regulatory mechanism of excitation energy in the PSII antenna that accounts for part of the Chl fluorescence quenching observed in the light, as will be discussed.
2) results from reflection of the UV light source (peak emission at 390 nm) and is not the result of fluorescence.
Fluorescence values and TMH data were submitted separately to two-way ANOVA and the post hoc Tukey test ([alpha] = 0.
Following the chemical cell lysis extraction process there is the potential for residual chemical or cellular based contaminants to artificially alter fluorescence through the interference of dye binding efficiency during quantification.
We can now take a sample, measure the fluorescence and identify the pollutants.
Fluorescence created by x-ray radiation was discovered in 1895 in Wurzburg, Germany, by physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.
Laser-induced fluorescence is highly sensitive, easy to use, fast, specific, and enables detection of multiple targets.
To evaluate the effects of intrinsic (natural) fluorescence and quenching as confounding variables in fluorescence-based enzyme inhibition assays of natural products, we measured the fluorescence and quenching properties of 25 components of popular herbal products.
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