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To produce or exhibit fluorescence.
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The impetus for the present study was provided by a recent mammalogy laboratory exercise conducted by the third author, which unexpectedly demonstrated that a large proportion of fox squirrel skulls did not fluoresce when exposed to ultraviolet light.
The bright red fluorescence contrasts extremely well on plastics that naturally fluoresce blue in colour (like PVC), and greatly assists with visual inspection of the bond-line area.
The ultraviolet lamp makes rodent hair and excrement fluoresce brightly.
Tubes which fluoresce under UV light are confirmed for E.
Blue SN-F can fluoresce for about 13,3 hr after excitation.
When illuminated with a high intensity UV light, the ingredients in Tracer Viton cause the finished parts to fluoresce (glow) a vivid blue for parts that are cured only, and a vivid green for post-cured parts.
The value of MESF gives the number of soluble fluorophores which gives the same fluoresce nce yield as the fluorophores immobilized on a single microbead.
These nanomaterials have a remarkable new property: when you shine blue light with a wavelength of less than 520 nanometers onto them, you switch on their ability to fluoresce," said Robert M.
When polymers swell, they trigger a measurable response such as a change in electrical conductivity, or cause a dye to fluoresce in a probe molecule.
coli Klebsiella Others UnID Appearance mFC Blue 19 5 6 6 2 mFC Blue-gray 20 8 7 1 4 mFC Fluoresce, no halo 15 8 2 1 4 mFC Fluoresce, halo 22 15 1 1 5 mEndo Green sheen 21 1 7 8 5 LES mEndo Fluoresce, no halo 14 3 2 5 4 LES mEndo Fluoresce, halo 19 8 1 4 6 LES Total -- 130 -- -- -- -- Table 2.
We also learned that the various minerals and salts in urine fluoresce under a long-wave UV black light.
The discovery by a Russian medical researcher uses a non-toxic compound, which upon being absorbed by the patient's body, causes malignant and pre-cancerous tissue to fluoresce when exposed to a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light.