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TREMATODE flatworms or platyhelminthes. Flukes are parasitic and some, such as Chlonorchis sinensis, the liver fluke, parasitize humans causing disease.


Parasite worms that look like leeches. They usually have one or more suckers for attaching to the digestive mucosa of the host. Liver flukes infest the liver, destroying liver tissue and impairing bile production and drainage.
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A. BE CAREFUL;what you read is not always true,there have been results with natural meds for minor medical problems,BUT you also have to no that all meds natural/modern do not work on all people.some off these cures are more hype than anything else.If these natural meds really cured people we would all be healthy--using them with modern meds is your best bet when you have a severe med problem,always check with your DR.NO NOT TRY TO SELF DIAGNOSE,and put somthing in you bodyif you are work,sometimes ther is no turning back---mrfoot56--peace

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CATTLE and sheep farmers in parts of north and mid Wales are likely to face the greatest problems with fluke this autumn, according to the National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS).
The liver fluke's intermediate fluke host, the mud snail, thrives in warm, wet conditions.
Our customers will be able to combine the forces of eMaints powerful cloud-based CMMS with Flukes world-renowned test tools and sensors, revolutionizing the maintenance and reliability experience for a new age of connected people, devices and systems.
Wes Pringle, Fluke president stated: EMaint brings not only world-class software development but the sales and customer support to help maintenance professionals succeed.
These flukes have a strongly developed social organization, much like some insects, mammals and birds," said Armand M.
Adult Schistosoma flukes generally survive in venules from 6 to 10 years but can survive [less than or equal to]40 years; therefore, remote travel history is relevant.
They could have crushed our tiny boats with one flip of their mighty flukes.
Flukes are no longer associated with warm, wet regions only
One factor that has a major impact on performance is the angle of the flukes in relation to the anchor shank.
That doesn't mean there haven't been plenty of highs, firsts and flukes for the Cougars in their first season in 17 years.
Also known as Fasciola hepatica, liver flukes are grayish-brown, leaf-shaped, unsegmented flatworms with two suckers at the front end -- one to attach the parasite to the bile duct, the other to ingest blood.