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The reciprocal of viscosity; unit: rhe = poise-1.
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If ambiguity is a refusal to fall within a prescribed gender code, then fluidity is the refusal to remain one gender or another," as per the dictionary.
Variable pan & tilt fluidity for smooth and accurate shooting
Fluidity Freerun has been running in Cardiff in 2005, teaching the key skills of freerunning or parkour - which involves using town and city streets to perform spectacular acrobatic feats.
It led to lots of people in the area taking up the sport and fluidity freerun was born.
labor market has experienced marked declines in fluidity along a variety of dimensions.
The image of architectural fluidity is not particularly new, of course.
They find that states with especially large declines in labor market fluidity also experienced the largest declines in employment rates, with young and less-educated persons the most adversely affected.
Looking gorg DualShock 4 con touchpad area is juggle multiple enjoying fluidity R l i
Fluidity is critical in pouring concrete; water is frequently added to maintain fluidity from mixing to pouring.
of Silesia, Poland) explores the textual modes in which the phenomena of fluidity and solidity are represented in the context of contemporary reconstructions of modern subjectivity.
Washington, August 16 ( ANI ): Researchers Omega-3 rich oils, which are present in fish, can help improve membrane fluidity in retina cells and help fight age-related eye diseases.
To some degree, sexual fluidity is what makes all of these phenomena possible, since it describes the capacity for women to experience desires and attractions that run counter to their general pattern of attraction.