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The reciprocal of viscosity; unit: rhe = poise-1.
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Priestly writings (P, H, Ezekiel) reject divine fluidity but in opposite ways.
Therefore, the aluminum addition to the existing zinc alloys had to be optimized to achieve the greatest fluidity, which makes an alloy most appropriate for thin-section casting.
The amount of sagging and leveling in a drying paint is strongly related to the time-integrated film fluidity (or total film flow).
It also has improved barrier properties such as hydrohead that can be achieved at much lower processing temperatures with significant cost saving in the melt blown process compared to standard high fluidity resins," said Mr.
Here Szonyi points to the "messiness" and fluidity of rituals and their frequent deviation from normative prescriptions in Confucian texts, but the lineage in this case was probably constructed relatively recently (155-56).
Results of membrane fluidity studies using an apolar fluorescent probe, pyrene (which measures the fluid properties of hydrocarbon core), showed an increase in intestinal brush border membrane (BBM) fluidity.
Comparison of physical properties of different detergents has proposed that the fluidity of detergent micelles may play an important role in retaining the active conformation of the solubilized mAChR [9].
This causes a shift in the fluidity and theme of the entire novel.
But, as Chopp points out, some of the contributors to this volume would reject Tanner's position as too indebted to the formulations of the past, although it seems clear that Tanner is not arguing for a conception of the Christian tradition as fixed and final, but rather for its inherent fluidity and dynamism and its ability to be mobilized effectively for feminist ends and goals.
The atomic pairing responsible for super- fluidity is much stronger than anyone had anticipated.
Yet in the upcoming Fluidity game for the WiiWare([TM]) downloadable video game service, players become a sloshing, flowing pool of water with an important mission.
Fluidity of place; globalization and the transformation of urban space.