fluid overload

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fluid overload

an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body caused by excessive parenteral infusion or deficiencies in cardiovascular or renal fluid volume regulation. Compare circulatory overload, hypervolemia.

fluid overload

Hypervolemia, plethora Medtalk A systemic excess of fluids. Cf Volume depletion.


To exceed the capacity of a cell, physiological process, organism, or system, causing it to fail. overload

circulatory overload

Volume overload.

fluid overload

Volume overload.

iron overload

Organ failure caused by excessive accumulation of iron in the body, usually from frequent transfusions or hemochromatosis.

pressure overload

Demand placed on muscle, esp. heart muscle, in response to high blood pressure or stenotic valves. Over time pressure overload results in cardiac hypertrophy and, eventually, heart failure.

sensory overload

A condition in which sensory stimuli are received at an excessive rate or intensity. Sensory overload can produce increases in heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, confusion, anxiety, mental distress, and/or erratic behavior.

stress overload

Excessive amounts and types of demands that require action.

volume overload

An excess of blood or body fluids in the circulation or extracellular tissues. It is usually caused by transfusions or excessive fluid infusions that increase the venous pressure, esp. in patients with heart disease, and it can result in heart failure, pulmonary edema, and cyanosis.
Synonym: circulatory overload; fluid overload; hypervolemia
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Therefore, it is suitable for precise adjustments of fluid removal rate in the management of fluid overload in different diseases.
Pulmonary oedema is often the first sign of fluid overload and is accompanied by shortness of breath that worsens when lying flat.
If they still have clinical signs of fluid overload, see if their weight comes down with a diuretic.
Patients were eligible if they had heart failure with New York Heart Association class III or IV plus chronic kidney disease, and had recently been hospitalized for decompensation associated with fluid overload.
Whilst most patients undergoing major surgery will require some fluid, excessive administration of intravenous fluids can lead to sodium and fluid overload which increases complications and delays the return of gut function, prolonging hospital stay (Nisanevich et al 2005).
Because of various consequences, there was fluid overload which necessitated advanced treatment, ultra filtration and haemodialysis," the hospital release said.
These included a failure to monitor fluids that saw her kidneys suffer a fluid overload.
Conditions leading to fluid overload are described, and new definitions of heart failure, kidney injury, and cardiorenal syndromes are presented to facilitate understanding of the link between the heart and the kidney.
Although thiazolidinediones, such as rosiglitazone, can decrease the rate of progression to diabetes (SOR: B, randomized controlled trial [RCT]), they pose a significant risk of fluid overload and heart failure.
Other possible contributors to tongue swelling include positioning, trauma, immobility, high PEEP and fluid overload, and these are discussed below.