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Relating to fluency.


/flu·ent/ (floo´int) flowing effortlessly; said of speech.


Etymology: L. fluens flowing
flowing effortlessly. It is said of speech.


The ease and efficiency of speech; the production of speech without pauses, lapses, or hesitation.
fluent, adjective
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For all age groups, there has been a slight increase in the percentage who report being able to speak Welsh, but not fluently.
Denying suggestions that England had already begun playing for a draw despite the crawling scoring rate of little more than two an over, Root further said that even though they have played some tough cricket, it is not always easy to score at four an over, especially with Australia bowling well and making it hard for them to score fluently.
The most recent Welsh government figures for 2009/10 show 14,684 pupils aged five or over spoke Welsh fluently at home, or 7.
The good news for educators--who are grappling with how to educate English learners--is that 82 percent of Latino students speak English fluently.
Hendry, making a record 12th last-four appearance, cued smoothly and fluently as he put together a superb 140 total clearance - the 718th century of his career - to take the opening frame, but O'Sullivan launched his comeback with 102 in the sixth .
Arthur, 53, who actually speaks French fluently, has moved to a farmhouse on the outskirts of Aberdeen to pen his new project.
Laxman, who recorded his third century at the SCG off 127 balls, batted fluently for 109 before he was caught by Mike Hussey off the bowling of spinner Brad Hogg.
Although this balanced approach can not be interpreted monolithically, due to the various ways that whole language and phonics can be taught and combined, learning to read fluently functions as its intrinsic goal.
She is fluently trilingual in English, French and Spanish.
Parents should encourage their offspring to read and write fluently.
She jumped as fluently as ever at the head of affairs, but appeared to be reaching the end of her tether with two furlongs to run as first Emotional Moment and then Studmaster and Our Ben moved into challenging positions.
Sanctuary persistently and fluently defines the progressive and independent mind of Su, which itself is utterly thought-provoking and keenly produced with diligent and promiscuous tongue.