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Relating to fluency.


/flu·ent/ (floo´int) flowing effortlessly; said of speech.


Etymology: L. fluens flowing
flowing effortlessly. It is said of speech.


The ease and efficiency of speech; the production of speech without pauses, lapses, or hesitation.
fluent, adjective
References in classic literature ?
Their speech, though unintelligible to us, was fluent among themselves, and as they pointed to each other and uttered the word "Accala" many times over, we gathered that this was the name of the nation.
The Vicar soon abandoned the struggle; but the tutor, who spoke the most fluent and accomplished English, gallantly continued to pour it out to her until the ladies, to the manifest relief of all concerned, went up to the drawing-room.
Even this fluent discharge of Italian did not bring the soap at once, but there was a good reason for it.
They cannot come at their ends by sending to Congress a learned, acute, and fluent speaker, if he be not one who, before he was appointed by the people to represent them, was appointed by Almighty God to stand for a fact,-- invincibly persuaded of that fact in himself,--so that the most confident and the most violent persons learn that here is resistance on which both impudence and terror are wasted, namely faith in a fact.
But this was not an easy thing to do, for Strickland was not a fluent talker.
The Spaniard spoke broken French, fluent but difficult to follow, and Philip managed to get on well enough with him.
Hilbery wished, for sentimental reasons, to introduce the recollections of a very fluent old lady, who had been brought up in the same village, but these Katharine decided must go.
The banker's speech was fluent, but it was also copious, and he used up an appreciable amount of time in brief meditative pauses.
He noted the strange contrast of primitive weapons and apparel, and the easy, fluent French which the man spoke.
Mosey was too fluent, and too fond of hearing the sound of her own eminently persuasive voice.
The Major looked at his watch, and rose--with fluent apologies for abruptly leaving the table.
It won't seem so hard by and by, dear," said Anne, who always felt the pain of her friends so keenly that she could not speak easy, fluent words of comforting.