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A tree used by Native Americans as antipyretic and laxative, and by Western herbalists as an appetite stimulant, and to treat renal and hepatic disease
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1]) for male golden mice was water oak > white oak > flowering dogwood > Chinese privet > staghorn sumac, and for male white-footed mice the ranking of food preferences was water oak > white oak > Chinese privet > flowering dogwood > staghorn sumac.
Annual death rates were significantly higher at the mesic site than at the dry site for all species common to the two sites except flowering dogwood (Figure 5).
In addition, flowering dogwoods have long been the most popular native flowering tree, according to nursery tree sales, because the tree in bloom is a beautiful sight to behold.
In Britain, we have tended to grow dogwoods for foliage and winter colour with their brilliant red stems while the flowering dogwoods have been largely ignored, yet they are among the most attractive of flowering shrubs and trees.
Currently, research at the station's temporary facilities includes an evaluation program for flowering dogwood and landscape plants funded by two Capacity Building Grants awarded to TSU plant pathologist Roger Sauve.
The cold, stark appearance of stone seats or statuary is greatly softened by the white blooms of a flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), Merrill.
Eyde is studying a subgroup of dogwoods that includes the common North American flowering dogwood, which bears the simple fruits, and the Asian dogwoods, which bear the sweet compound fruits.
and can take home a one-year seedling of either a Colorado blue spruce or white flowering dogwood, Mrs.
Some uplighting should be used seasonally to highlight a flowering dogwood, cherry tree or azalea.
Purple coneflower (flower) -- White pine (tree) -- Big blue stem (grass) -- Flowering dogwood (tree)
After the shoveling was complete, the school had two each of the Walden Woods Red Maple, Betsy Ross Sycamore, Gilbert Stuart Flowering Dogwood, Pearl S.
Some of the flowering trees and shrubs include serviceberry, redbud, and flowering dogwood.