flower essences

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flower essences

aqueous extracts of the fresh flowers of various plants chosen for their effects on specific mental or emotional symptoms, combined with brandy as a preservative. They are used to address spiritual, mental, and emotional as well as physical problems.

flower essences,

n.pl homeopathic dilutions of flowers systematized by Edward Bach, MD; used to address emotional imbalance.

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Q. Have you ever try Flower Essences for bipolar disorders??? I am Flower Essences practitioner as well as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist educated in Venezuela.I have wonderful experiences with Flower Essences and Alternative Terapies.

A. i never tried flower essence in any medical situation. maybe i will, i think it's worth a try. but about Bipolar disorder- changing medications that work and, even though they have unpleasant side effects, proven to help- could have destructive outcome. so in this case i don't think that it's wise to do so.

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But instead of a behavioural course, here's a new approach: Hand-prepared Flower Essence blends are designed to use on all types of animals, and should just be added to food or water or sprayed directly into the mouth.
Bach Flower Essences (BFE) shift negative emotions to positive ones, helping people who are sad or angry.
On stage the SPICE GIRLS are a heady mixture of cK one, Jean Paul Gaultier and Polo Sport while other pop divas such as COURTNEY LOVE and KYLIE MINOGUE prefer Aveda's Chakra scents, which are blends of natural plant and flower essences.
Because flower essences are so gentle, "you can do this every few minutes, and it can reinforce the calming effect," he says.
Unlike pharmaceuticals, which suppress symptoms, flower essences are catalysts for emotional change and work by stimulating awareness," Kaminski says.
4 Rescue Balm, Boots Soothe sore lips and de-stress both at the same time with this handy SOS balm, which contains the famous 'Rescue' combination of five flower essences.
The German laboratory Lemonpharma created a new way of taking flower essences of Dr.
Apparently, it's "made from flower essences and restores inner calm in stressful situations".
Wendy Norman focussed her talk on the use of colour and vibrational medicine, incorporating the Bach flower essences with crystals and essential oils, and introduced us to the concept of aromachology (psychology and fragrance technology).
The disciplines of Chinese and herbal medicine have long used plants and flowers for their curative properties and Dr Edward Bach pioneered the use of flower essences to help restore balance in an individual.
Carers can also find out more about chiropractice, medical herbalism, bush flower essences, reflexology, Indian head massage, angelic Reiki positive energy healing, astrology, nutritional therapy and iridology, which involves diagnosing health problems by studying the eyes.